About Gator Beach

“The World’s Greatest Alligator Park”

Gator Beach is a one of a kind alligator park located at Fudpuckers in the heart of Destin. We are one of the top-rated attractions in the area because we offer unique experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for adventure while in Destin, Gator Beach Alligator Park is a must-see stop. Here are a few reasons why we call ourselves The World’s Greatest Alligator Park:


  • We are COMPLETELY FREE to visit: At Gator Beach, we don’t charge you an arm and a leg to get in the door. There is no admission cost to enter our alligator park and you are free to walk around, ask questions, and even watch our Alligator Shows with absolutely no charge.


  • We have hundreds of Alligators: Gator Beach is also the largest alligator park on the Emerald Coast! We offer the chance to get up close and personal with hundreds of alligators in a way that is much safer and easier than trying to spot alligators in the wild. Whether you’re visiting Florida for the first time and always wanted to see an alligator, or you just love learning about animals, we offer the experience to get closer and see more alligators than anywhere else in the area.


  • You can feed live alligators: We sell specially formulated Gator Food that you can feed to any one of our over 100 alligators that live in our large main pond area. Simply attach the food to one of our cane poles and lower the string down to the pond and the alligators will swim up and eat the food in a way that is safe to both you and the alligator!


  • You can take a picture holding a live alligator: Maybe you’re the adventurous type, an animal lover, or just looking for something to cross off your bucket-list, holding an alligator is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your entire family! All you have to do is come down to Gator Beach and ask about our Gator Photos and you can buy your very own picture holding a live alligator.


  • We have FREE Gator Shows: During our show season, we do multiple shows and tours every day where our world-class Gator Handlers show and tell the crowd what makes the American Alligator one of nature’s most impressive animals. The shows are designed to entertain and educate our guests about alligators and – if you’re lucky – we may choose you to help us with the show.


  • We have the one-of-a-kind CROCODILIA DISCOVERY ZONE: Just around the corner from our Bait Shack is the DISCOVERY ZONE featuring numerous exhibits and displays of everything from a life-sized alligator nest to a 3-dimensional underwater scene of an alligator’s habitat to the skull of a giant prehistoric crocodile that used to live right here in Florida!  The highlights of the DISCOVERY ZONE, though, are some extremely rare “live alligator” exhibits that people return to see year after year (see below).


  • We have BABY ALLIGATORS: Everyone loves baby animals and here at Gator Beach’s DISCOVERY ZONE we have a specially designed habitat for our smallest and youngest alligators! Every year we receive our hatchling gators when they’re just a few weeks old and only as long as a dollar bill.  They remain in this exhibit for their first year of life helping to showcase their early growth and how they differ from older gators in their coloring and level of activity. Of course, the best part is that you would NEVER be able to get this close to baby alligators in the wild (because their mothers are VERY protective).

And most importantly…

  • We have a well-trained staff here to help you: Often times at zoos and other parks, guests are left to read signs with facts about animals with nobody around to answer questions. Here at Gator Beach, our handlers are both knowledgeable and hands-on to tell you everything you wanted to know about alligators. Our world-renowned Gator Handlers are at the park every day during our business hours to teach you about alligators and make your experience at Gator Beach one of a kind.


So if you’re in the area… stop on by, join the fun, and see for yourself what makes us The World’s Greatest Alligator Park!


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